Federico Mayor

federico-mayor-former-director-unesco-spainFormer director general of UNESCO; from 1963 to 1973, professor of biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Grenada, Spain; one of his major fields of study concerned prenatal biochemistry and the brain of the child; first director of “Severo Ochoa” Molecular Biology Centre; from 1976 to 1977, member of the UNESCO Advisory Committee for Scientific Research and Human Needs.

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Message from Federico Mayor Zaragoza to the Youth

Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former UNESCO Director General wrote a message to the youth, especially those who have taken Earth Charter ethical leadership course. YOUNG PEOPLE, CITIZENS OF THE WORLD, IT IS TIME TO ACT “There will be new words for the new history” Ángel González “Get involved!” was the shout out and final message from […]

The Earth Charter featured in the 4th Forum of Solidary Schools of Lleida, Spain

On 18th November 2017, the 4th Forum of Solidary Schools took place in Lleida, Spain, with the participation of teachers who promote values, solidarity and the Earth Charter in their classrooms. Seventy participants enjoyed the various presentations and activities, among them the presentation “Unesco Projects in Tortosa”, by Mrs. Montserrat Esteve, President of the Unesco […]

Conference focused on the Earth Charter in Tatarstan, Republic of Russia

By: Vladimir Zakharov Professor, doctor of biological Sciences, head of the Center for sustainable development and ecosystem health of the Institute of developmental biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In October 2016, a two-day international scientific-practical conference took place titled “Earth Charter – a practical tool for solving the fundamental problems of sustainable development”. […]

UNED Spain endorses the Earth Charter

The National University of Distance Education (UNED), the largest educational institution in Spain, with 250,000 students, endorsed the Earth Charter on September 26th, 2016. The endorsement was possible thanks to the support and sponsorship of Professor Maria Novo, holder of the UNESCO Chair in Environmental Education and Sustainable Development of UNED. The document was signed […]

New Earth Charter Affiliate shares educational materials with us

The Implica’t + group is the newest Earth Charter Initiative affiliate. This is a group of 55 teachers in the region of Catalonia, Spain, that use the Earth Charter in their classrooms, representing 41 schools. The coordinator of this group, Maria del Mar Lluelles, has provided us the following links where you can find the […]