The Earth Charter has been an inspiration for many artists. Artistic activities, undertaken by individuals and groups, using or inspired by the Earth Charter are welcome and encouraged. It is hoped that the Earth Charter will continue to inspire artists and the language of arts will increasingly be used to further spread the sustainability vision articulated in the Earth Charter.

Here are some examples of action in this area of work:

  • Plastic Arts (paintings and sculptures):artisits

Algeria – illustrations
Llanto Verde (paintings)
The Ark of Hope

  • Exhibitions and posters:

Earth Charter Exhibition 2012
Earth Charter Poster
Earth Charter Poster Infusing values in education

  • Video:

Earth Charter video TV Spot 2009
Earth Charter video TV Spot 2010

  • Music:

Earth Charter Music Album
Song Qué Mundo Construyes para Mi
Earth Charter Song

  • Children’s art work:

EC Children Radio Program in Costa Rica
Book of poems for children

  • Poetry:

Poems Adrian Figueroa
Book of poems for children

For more stories of individuals and institutions that have worked with and used the Earth Charter in a variety of artistic ways visit our Artists Community page. For more resources visit our Virtual Library.