Artists - 3/3 - Earth Charter

The Earth Charter in Photos

This presentation of 26 black and white photos illustrating the Earth Charter was developed by the Blanquerna School in Spain. The main objective of the project was to personalize the principles of the Earth Charter for which students took pictures of people, plants, animal and things that spoke directly of the values of the Earth Charter. A chidren’s version of the Earth Charter was used as the starting point.

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The Ark of Hope

The Ark of Hope is a wooden chest created in 2001 by designer and painter Sally Linder to house the Earth Charter document. On it’s five panels are a series of paintings, depicting artistic representations of Air Water, Fire, Spirit and Earth.

To learn more visit The Ark of Hope website.

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Seeds of Change: The Earth Charter & Human Potential – exhibition

Soka Gakkai International (SGI), in collaboration with the Earth Charter Initiative International Secretariat, produced an exhibition titled Seeds of Change: The Earth Charter & Human Potential. The exhibition highlights the Earth Charter as a “map” showing the way towards a sustainable lifestyle. The panels are being expanded as new “Living Examples” of the Earth Charter arise.

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Earth Charter- Promise the Earth

Jonquil Mackey, professional photographer from Australia, has been working on ideas for an Earth Charter image based on the slogan ‘Earth Charter- Promise the Earth’. A series of these images is planned and they will be used to enhance the Australian National Earth Charter Campaign.

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Algeria – illustrations

This document includes illustrations by Algerian artist Mohamed Guesmia, also known as “Gues”, created for the Earth Charter article published in Caravane #4 (October 1999), newsletter of the Alliance for a Responsible and United World.

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