Youth - Earth Charter

A Mapting How-to-Use-Guide

This guide walks you through the Mapting app step by step. Learn how to Snap and Map your sustainable actions while discovering the Sustainable Development Goals and how they relate to the Earth Charter Principles. To download Mapting go to:

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La Carta de la Tierra 40 acciones en torno a la no violencia y paz

Entender y vivir la Carta de la Tierra – y en especial las 40 acciones de no violencia y paz – es un ejercicio que nos permite fomentar la armonía en nuestros entornos: en la escuela, en la familia, en la colonia y por ende en la comunidad. Publicado dentro del proyecto titulado “Promoviendo la Cultura de la Paz a través de Carta de la Tierra” que consistente en realizar campamentos para jóvenes de bajos recursos económicos.

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Let’s learn a sustainable lifestyle with the Earth Charter

This teacher`s guidebook and student’s workbook illustrate how to learn a sustainable way of life using the Earth Charter. Elaborated within the frame of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, this publication was developed with the help of the following organizations: the National University, the Distance Learning University, the Ministry of Environment, University for Peace, the Children`s Museum, and the Earth Charter Initiative. It also received the endorsement of the Ministry of Education with the financial contribution of the Embassy of Japan in Costa Rica.

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