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Published: 2016 Country: International

On care for our common home: A dialogue guide for Laudato Si’

The Jesuit Forum for Social Faith and Justice encourages people to discuss – to talk to one another about things that matter. In this publication, On care for our common home – A dialogue guide for Laudato Si’, the Forum…

Published: 2016 Country: Spain

Deconstructing the neoliberal ‘‘Entrepreneurial Self’’: A critical perspective derived from a global ‘‘biophilic consciousness’’

Deconstructing the neoliberal ‘‘Entrepreneurial Self’’: A critical perspective derived from a global ‘‘biophilic consciousness’’ Article written by Alfonso Fernández-Herrería, and Francisco Miguel Martínez-Rodríguez from the Department of Pedagogy, University of Granada, Spain. (Article available in English and Spanish)    

Published: 2016 Country: Venezuela

Guía de Gestión Ambiental Urbana

Esta guía fue elaborada por el Grupo de Investigación Vida Urbana y Ambiente de la Universidad Simón Bolívar de Venezuela, en conjunto con la Comisión de Ambiente de la Academia Nacional  de Ingeniería y Hábitat, El Grupo Orinoco y la…

Published: 2010 Country: International

Earth Charter & Gandhi – Towards a Sustainable World

This publication offers a study of the linkages between Gandhian thinking and the Earth Charter Principles. It demonstrates the connection between Gandhi’s and Earth Charter’s views on the fundamental challenges facing our world today. Many of the Earth Charter principles…

Published: 2013 Country: International

Seeking Alternatives in a Global Crisis

Replacing the United Nations system and large international institutions with plutocratic groups (G-7, G-8, G-20) and universal principles with the laws of the market has led to multiple crises that require immediate reaction to prevent them from becoming irreversible. Neoliberalism…

Published: 2014 Country: International

A New Era

Article written by Federico Mayor, Director Fundación Cultura de Paz ¨Civil society, subjected since the beginning of time, will now in a short few years become the protagonist of multiple changes, despite the inertia and despite the obstacles of every…

Published: 2001 Country: International

Ethics and the Earth Charter – A Conversation with Steven Rockefeller

Rockefeller, S.C., 2001c. Ethics and the Earth Charter: a conversation. Interview in Boston Research Center for the 21st Century Newsletter, Fall/Winter, 18, pp. 6-10. (available online:

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