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  • Published: 2003 Country: International

    The Earth Charter and the Catholic Church in Australia – 2003

    This paper considers the relevance and use of the Earth Charter, a secular document, to the Catholic Church, and in particular the Church in Australia. Four issues are considered under the headings of global governance, the integrity of creation, religion,…

  • Published: 2003 Country: Germany

    Attention and Reverence from Albert Schweitzer to the Earth Charter – 2003

    This is an Essay from Albert Schweitzer.

  • Published: 2002 Country: International

    The Earth Charter in Tatarstan

    This paper discusses "[...] the effort of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia to engage the Earth Charter as a roadmap to a new kind of society."

  • Published: 2002 Country: International

    A Call for The Earth Charter – 2002

    This essay was published online at the University of Albert Express News where Dr. Soskolne is a professor of epidemiology and the graduate coordinator in the University of Alberta Department of Public Health Sciences. Click Express News to view website.

  • Published: 2001 Country: International

    The Ecozoic Reader: Earth Charter

    The Ecozoic Reader, a journal published by the Center for Ecozoic Studies, is based on the "Story and Shared Dream Experience of an Ecological Age." Volume 2, Number 1 of the Reader focuses on the Earth Charter.

  • Published: 2001 Country: International

    The Earth Charter: An Ethical Foundation – 2001

    "The emerging global civilization needs a sound ethical foundation formed of values and principles that are widely shared among the world's diverse cultures. Helping to create such a foundation is the special mission of the Earth Charter initiative, which has…

  • Published: 2001 Country: International

    The Earth Charter: Buddhist and Christian Approaches – 2001

    A report on the week of dialogue, study and reflection on the theme "Buddhism, Christianity and Global Healing", Seattle Washington, USA, 2001

  • Published: 2000 Country: International

    Pedagogia de la Tierra y Cultura de la Sustentabilidad – 2000

    This paper was presented by Moacir Gadotti at the Forum on our Global Challenges, Costa Rica 2000 Commission: A New Millennium of Peace, University for Peace in San Jose, Costa Rica on November, 2000. Presentado por Moacir Gadotti al Foro…

  • Published: 2000 Country: International

    Ecumenical Christianity and the Earth Charter – 2000

    Humanity belongs to one oikoumene (household) -- community of ecumenical earth --that now needs to observe common ethical standards for the sake of justice, peace, and integrity of creation. The Earth Charter is a particularly promising response to this need,…

  • Published: 1999 Country: International

    The Earth Charter, Engineering Roles and Responsibilities

    Engineering committees' contribution to the drafting process of the Earth Charter.