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  • Published: Country: Germany

    Die Erd-Charta und die Aufgaben von morgen

    Essay of Prof. Günter Altner, one of Germany’s leading environmentalists on the Earth Charter and the challenges for creating a sustainable future. Artikel von Prof. Günter Altner zur Erd-Charta und den Herausforderungen im Aufbau einer nachhaltigen Zukunft.

  • Published: Country: International


    The German journal `Erd Charta Themen` published several times per year between September 2001 and February 2008. See the `TABLE OF CONTENTS` for more information.

  • Published: Country: International

    The Nature of the Environmental Crisis

    "While the particular causes and solutions of this (environmental) crisis are being debated by scientists, economists, and policymakers, the facts of widespread destruction are causing alarm in many quarters. Indeed, from some perspectives the future of human life itself appears…

  • Published: Country: International

    Global Warming is an Ethical Issue

    global warming is undeniably an ethical issue, and we must face it as such. That means asking hard questions about responsibility, accountability, and the differences between actions -- whether political, economic, or wholly personal -- that are right versus those…

  • Published: Country: India

    Seeds of Hope: Report of Assessment

    Report of a research to assess the impact of "Seeds of Hope" exhibition.  The research was carried out by the Center of Environment Education (CEE) in India, in collaboration with Soka Gakkai International.

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