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  • Published: 2015 Country: International

    Enseigner et comprendre le Developpement Durable

    Cet ouvrage sur l'Education au Développement Durable réalisé autour de la Charte de la Terre, constitue un outil pédagogique permettant de connaitre les différents concepts propres au D.D, comprendre le rapport Brundtland, comprendre la Charte de la Terre, comprendre la…

  • Published: 2015 Country: International

    Education à la Paix

    Cet ouvrage sur l'Education à la Paix réalisé autour de la Charte de la Terre, constitue un outil pédagogique permettant d'aborder les notions d’éducation à la paix et d’interculturalité et de montrer l’importance du fait religieux dans l’éducation à la…

  • Published: 2015 Country: International

    The Earth Charter and Contributions of Confucian Values Toward a Sustainable Future

    This is a paper adapted from a lecture Mary Evelyn Tucker gave in July 2015 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong during the 19th International Conference of the International Society for Chinese Philosophy (ISCP). The focus of this year’s…

  • Published: 2015 Country: International

    Lessons Learned: How Nations Have Responded to Climate Change on the Need to Fix Responsibility to Do Applied Ethical Analysis

    This essay argues that global environmental challenges such as climate change raise numerous ethical issues that should guide policy-makers in formulating policy. However, recent research concludes these ethical issues are largely being ignored by policy-makers and the media covering national…

  • Published: 2014 Country: International

    A New Era

    Article written by Federico Mayor, Director Fundación Cultura de Paz ¨Civil society, subjected since the beginning of time, will now in a short few years become the protagonist of multiple changes, despite the inertia and despite the obstacles of every…

  • Published: 2013 Country: International

    Bringing the Missing Pillars into Sustainable Development Goals

    This paper argues that the need for a core forth pillar for sustainability can no longer be ignored on the grounds of intangibility. This article shows the result of a research project were ECI participated from 2009-2011.

  • Published: 2013 Country: International

    Seeking Alternatives in a Global Crisis

    Replacing the United Nations system and large international institutions with plutocratic groups (G-7, G-8, G-20) and universal principles with the laws of the market has led to multiple crises that require immediate reaction to prevent them from becoming irreversible. Neoliberalism…

  • Published: 2012 Country: International

    Spiritual Dimensions of Sustainable Development Project

    The purpose of this project is to bring together a global alliance of religious, spiritual and ethical organizations to deepen the understanding, public awareness and practical application of the ethical and spiritual foundations of sustainable development.

  • Published: 2012 Country: International

    Exploring synergies between faith values and ESD

    This publication provides a space for the voices of different religions and faith traditions to be shared and linked with the efforts of Education for Sustainable Development.It is the result of a collaborative effort between Earth Charter International, the University…

  • Published: 2012 Country: International

    Peter Brown Research

    Preliminary conclusions of research done by Peter Brown with Capital Institute - Title: Flourishing in the Anthropocene