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  • Published: 2011 Country: International

    La Charte de la Terre et l economie verte

    Cet article analyse les principes et les objectifs principaux de l'economie verte en utilisant les principes de la Charte de la Terre.

  • Published: 2011 Country: International

    Principles for the Green Economy

    This document aims to combine some of the most prominent existing principles relating to sustainable development and the green economy into a cohesive guiding tool. Fifteen principles have been identified that represent a consolidation of existing international agreements and more…

  • Published: 2011 Country: International

    El futuro de las Areas Protegidas en America Latina

    Capitulo del libro: Las Areas Protegidas de America Latina: Situacion Actual y Perspectivas de Futuro.

  • Published: 2011 Country: International

    Rio 2012: Enabling a Flourishing Earth

    In response to the agenda for Rio+20, the authors address in this article a major problem in sustainable development that brings together the issues of a green economy and institutional arrangements.

  • Published: 2011 Country: International

    Rio 2012: Propiciando un Planeta Floreciente

    Como respuesta a la agenda establecida para Río+20, los autores abordan aquí uno de los problemas principales en el desarrollo sostenible, el cual reune los temas relativos a una economía verde y a las disposiciones institucionales.

  • Published: 2011 Country: International

    Rio2012 : Pour la prospérité de la Terre

    En réponse à l'agenda de Rio+20, les auteurs abordent la question du développement durable du point de vue de l'économie verte et du cadre institutionnel, proposant une description d'une nouvelle forme de gouvernance.

  • Published: 2010 Country: International

    Climate Change, Ethics and the Earth Charter

    In this article, the author considers the climate change problem from an ethical perspective, and, in that context, the role of the Earth Charter.

  • Published: 2010 Country: International

    The potential of the Earth Charter as a science-teaching tool

    Current UK policy is that all schools should be sustainable by 2020. The teaching of science and the scientific approach is fundamental in changing society, its outlook and practices with regard to sustainability. The Earth Charter, a statement of intent…

  • Published: 2010 Country: Finland

    Kestävä kehitys globaalin ajan hyvinvointiyhteiskunnan haasteena

    Doctoral Dissertation: Sustainable development and its promotion in a welfare society in a global age Keywords: Sustainable development, sustainable thinking, behaviour change   The objective of the dissertation was to determine the concept of sustainable development according to current understanding…

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