Spiritual & Religious

Mary Evelyn & John Grim Spiritual & Religious
International Mary Evelyn & John Grim

This is a series of interviews conducted in 2013 during their visit to the Earth Charter Center...

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Interview of Leonardo Boff Spiritual & Religious
International Interview Leonardo Boff

Eco theologian Leonardo Boff speaks about ethical principles, values in a globalized world…

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Generating the Renewable Energy of Hope Spiritual & Religious
International Generating renewable energy

The Earth Charter Guide for religion and climate change.

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Spirituality and Religion - Exploring synergies Faith and ESD Spiritual & Religious
International Exploring Synergies Faith

This publication provides a space for the voices of different religions and faith traditions to be shared...

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Art - Earth Charter Music Life Alert Album Spiritual & Religious
International EC Music Life Alert Album

This album contains 12 songs that reflect the ethical principles of the Earth Charter. The songs are...

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Steven-Rockefeller Spiritual & Religious
International Encyclical Laudato

Steven Rockefeller comments on the Encyclical Laudato Si’ and the Earth Charter.

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theologian-leonardo-boff-pope-encyclical Spiritual & Religious
International The Pope’s Encyclical

Theologian Leonardo Boff reflects on the linkages between the Earth Charter and the Encyclical.

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