Have you been inspired to action by the Earth Charter? Do you implement the EC values in your life, family, school, or community? How has the Earth Charter affected you? Share your story to reach other youth that may be on the verge of diving in to a new network, lifestyle, and purpose.

ECI is looking for stories in the form of an essay, video, performance, art work, etc. that we may publish on the ECI website, social media, or even in future print publications.

To see some examples of inspiring youth stories, check out these impressive people in the Youth Network below.

philip osano Youth
Kenya Shaping our future

In the wake of the World Summit of Sustainable Development, in 2002, hundreds of young people from...

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Sylvannus Murray, Sierra Leone-earth charter Youth
Sierra Leone Earth Charter Youth Group

Using the Earth Charter with ex-combatants in Sierra Leone.

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Education - Earth Scouts - Earth Champs Educators
United States Earth Champs

Sustainability for Seychelles is an NGO that explored how the Earth Charter could…

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We stand at a critical moment in Earth's history, a time when humanity must choose its future.
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