Recent ECI Projects

The ECI Secretariat has been engaging, training, and motivating youth who are working to create a better world, offering the Earth Charter as a united vision and ethical guide. In recent years, ECI has been working with and for youth in the following ways:

  • Youth Projects with Strategic Partners
  • Online Courses
  • Earth Charter Youth Groups
  • Earth Charter Youth Task Force
  • Webinars
  • Workshops


Youth Projects with Strategic Partners

ECI collaborates with strategic partners to offer trainings, events, courses, etc. A few recent partnerships and resulting projects include:

  • The ¨Global Citizen- Earth Charter¨ project was organized with Amana-Key and AIESEC . The first phase consisted of an online course to train 110 young people from 33 countries on the Earth Charter. The second phase was a youth exchange, where recently-trained youth went to schools in Brazil for six weeks to spread the message of the EC to about 7,000 adolescents.
  • The Euro-Arab Youth Sustainability Leadership Forum resulted from collaboration with the Shift Network, an Egyptian youth organization, and the University for Peace. The Forum ran two years in row with the aim to promote peace and social justice through stronger cooperation at a bi-regional level by fostering intercultural dialogue and enhancing the exchange of experiences among European and Arab youth. The first phrase was a series of interactive online session with 15 European and 15 Arab youth, representing 17 different countries. In the second phase, youth formed mixed groups and developed Intercultural Youth Sustainability Projects using the Earth Charter. These youth, along with 50 others from participating youth organizations, then met in Egypt to present their projects, share and network with each other, exchange ideas, and seek potential funding to get some of the intercultural projects started. Click to read more on the First Stage or Second Stage.

Find out more about our youth partners or how to become a partner here.

Online Courses

ECI plans and facilitates online courses in English and Spanish, training hundreds of youth around the world in sustainability and the Earth Charter and inspiring Earth Charter-related projects. ECI, in partnership with other organizations, has recently offered courses including:

If your organization may be interested in partnering to develop and run a course, please contact the

Earth Charter Youth Groups

ECYGs are groups of youth studying the vision of sustainability that the Earth Charter articulates, drawing upon it as a source of inspiration, and then organizing small action projects in their local communYouth-For-youth-by-youthities on sustainability. In 2013, there were 147 EC Young Groups located in 63 countries around the world. An interactive Wikispaces page has been used for the Youth Groups to interact, share resources, and to promote their work globally. The page has been visited tens of thousands of times by those actively involved and others curious to discover more about the work of these passionate young people.

Click here to read the stories of some impressive young people in the Earth Charter Youth Network.

Earth Charter Youth Task Force

The Earth Charter Youth Task Force was formed with alumni from the ECI online course “Youth Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics” held in August 2010. For several years, the Task Force, composed of youth from around the world, met regularly online to share their experiences with the Earth Charter. Together they coordinated and launched an EC Youth e-Conference, bringing together 80 participants from 30 countries. Participants organized into committees to continue working together after the conference toward achieving mutually set goals. 


ECI organizes webinars in English, Spanish, and French to provide youth from around the world with a virtual space where they can interact with each other to stay informed on current topics, learn relevant skills, and learn how to use the Earth Charter framework in working towards a more sustainable and peaceful world. Webinars are short, 1-2 hour sessions which include one or more short presentations and time for questions and answers with participants. Recent webinar topics have included climate justice, digital storytelling, writing grant proposals, education for sustainable development, and the Earth Charter. Upcoming webinars include youth and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a Culture of Peace. Join our EC Youth facebook group for updates on upcoming trainings and webinars.


ECI has given in-person workshops on the Earth Charter’s values, principles, and themes to groups visiting the Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. ECI also maintains ongoing programmes with local elementary schools and public universities in Costa Rica and facilitates workshops with hundreds of young people every year.

Find reports and news on past initiatives in the Virtual Library. For information on present projects and potential future collaboration, please contact