Implement a Youth Project

plant-a-tree Around the world, young people are living the Earth Charter in their mindset, actions, and vision. You can use the Earth Charter as your tool to strengthen your current work OR as a framework for a new project to make a positive change in your community.

  • How does our vision align with the Earth Charter?
  • Would the EC be a useful educational tool for your project, whether for organizers or beneficiaries?
  • Could endorsing the EC help strengthen/clarify your vision and values?
  • Could the EC be a useful reference for publications and promotions?
  • Are there individuals or organizations in the EC Network with whom you may want to collaborate?
  • Do you want to be part of the Earth Charter Network and movement for a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world?

If you have the energy and passion to create positive change, but aren´t currently working with a project or organization, are you considering developing a new project? As you´re getting started, you may consider:

  • What is the problem you want to address?
  • What are your strengths, skills, and interests?
  • Who might you contact (friends, businesses, organizations) to help with this project?
  • What is your timeline and time commitment?
  • What resources (money, materials, venue, etc.) are available to you?

Download the Earth Charter Youth Toolkit for help starting a new project to tackle a problem in your community.

miradorYoung people have been finding low-cost, creative ways to implement Earth Charter-inspired projects in their communities. Some past projects have included campaigns, rallies, workshops, fundraisers, classes, trainings, video conferences, concerts, sports events, clean-ups, installing waste management and drinking water systems, participating in International Days and events, forming youth groups, discussion groups, radio talks, etc.

Whether you´re interested in integrating the Earth Charter into you current work or motivating to develop something new, take advantage of the guides, curricula, and other materials that other young people have created and shared in the virtual library . Also, contact the Coordinator for Youth Project at for support.