Strategic Partners are organizations whose activities are directly and programmatically supportive to the Earth Charter and the Earth Charter International, and whose activities are in harmony with Earth Charter principles. These are organizations that work beyond the boundaries of a country in a specific area of work. Partner Organizations enter into a formal agreement (a Memorandum of Understanding, Letter of Agreement, or some other formal acknowledgement) with Earth Charter International on specific projects that describe how the Partner will work to support and promote the Earth Charter and how Earth Charter International will support them.

Amana-Key, Brazil

amana-key-brazilAmana-Key is a worldwide network focused on the conscious evolution of leaders and management of governmental and non-governmental organizations. It is a training institute focused on education of top executive and leaders in Brazil.

Casas Optimus

Casas Optimus youth partnerCasas Optimus is a universal and professional family, offering sustainable planning, architectural design and construction services focusing on quality of life and having a minimal carbon footprint while carrying out these projects.

Center for Environment Education, India
center-for-environment-education-indiaThe Center for Environment Education – CEE primary objective is to improve public awareness and understanding of the environment. Its goal is to promote nature conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, leading to a better environment and a better quality of life.

CEIN, Washington D.C.

CEINCreative Educators International Network (CEIN) is dedicated to inspiring educators who are implementing Value-Creating Education to help communities, as well as the schools, to become more sustainable. Their mission is to expand the network of educators and individuals committed to creating measurable value for healthier communities through dialogue and action that harmonizes different perspectives.

Center for Environmental Sustainability Education, Florida Gulf Coast University, United States
center-for-environmental-sustainability-education-florida-gulf-coast-university-usaThe Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education works toward realizing the dream of a sustainable and peaceful future for Earth through scholarship, education and action.

Club of Budapest Italy and Villagio Globale
club budapestThe Club of Budapest Italy and Villagio Globale contribute to the scientific paradigm shift based on a holistic vision inspired by the Earth Charter; find new educational avenues for fostering this shift in the areas of medicine, psychology, and human growth and development.

Deep Time Walk

Deep Time WalkDeep Time Walk is a mobile App that takes you to a journey on Earth´s history. This guide is designed by an experienced team of radio producers, professional actors, award-winning script writers and sprinkled with creative genius. The Deep Time Walk brings together excellence in science, the arts and appropriate technology to provide a unique experience of Earth history.The Deep Time Walk mobile guide emerged from the amalgamation of two projects. The Walk Through Time, created in California in 1997 and the Deep Time Walk created at Schumacher College, Devon in 2008.

Earth Day Network
earth-day-networkEarth Day Network, with its partner organizations, provides civic engagement opportunities at the local, state, national and global levels. At every turn, EDN works to broaden the definition of “environment” to include all issues that affect our health, our communities and our environment, such as greening deteriorated schools, creating green jobs and investment, and promoting activism to stop air and water pollution.

Earth Protect
earth-protectEarth Protect lets you find and share videos and films on environmental issues and solutions, and learn more about how you can get involved. The result will be people and their organizations worldwide becoming aware, informed and committed, as they are empowered to take action to protect the Earth and achieve a sustainable and healthy environment.

Forum on Religion and Ecology, United States
forum-on-religion-and-ecology-usaForum on Religion and Ecology is a portal to the emerging dialogue within religious and spiritual communities on ecological issues. This dialogue shows great promise for sustaining biological and cultural diversity.


Foundation for Environmental Education, Eco Schools Programme
foundation-for-environmental-education-eco-schools-programmeThe Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization aiming to promote sustainable development through environmental education (formal school education, training of staff and general awareness raising).



Folkecenter Chile

Folkecenter Chile LOGO GRANDE HORIZONTALFolkecenter Chile is an NGO in Arica, Chile focused on giving workshops and trainings in green businesses, sustainable education, social reintegration and sustainable construction.

Global Ecological Integrity Group

GEIG logoThe Global Ecological Integrity Group (GEIG) includes more than 250 scholars and independent researchers worldwide, from diverse disciplines, including ecology, biology, philosophy, epidemiology, public health, ecological economics and international law.

Global Reporting Initiative, The Netherlands

global-reporting-initiative-netherlands The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a network-based organization that has pioneered the development of the sustainability reporting framework and is committed to its continuous improvement and application worldwide.

Green Cross International

green-cross-internationalGreen Cross International is an environmental organization. Its mission is to help ensure a just, sustainable and secure future for all by fostering a value shift and cultivating a new sense of global interdependence and shared responsibility in humanity’s relationship with nature.


Integral Climate Change Solutions, South Africa

iccsIntegral Climate Change Solutions was launched in 2017 in response to the urgent need to promote integral design into development projects, from small private developments to ones covering issues of strategic national importance, such as coastal erosion.

Itaipu, Brazil
itaipu-binacional-brazilItaipu Binacional is a hydroelectric plant which generates quality electricity via socially and environmentally responsible practices and fosters sustainable economic, tourist, and technological development in Brazil and Paraguay.

Kappa Delta Pi
PrintKappa Delta Pi (KDP), International Honor Society in Education, was founded in 1911 at the University of Illinois to foster excellence in education. As a professional membership association and international honor society in education, KDP provides programs, services, and resources to its member educators to support and enhance their professional growth to advance quality education for all and to inspire teachers to prepare all learners for future challenges.

La Ruta del Clima

la-ruta-del-climaLa Ruta del Clima (Costa Rica): An organization of Latin American youth promoting and facilitating spaces for youth decision-making and Education on climate change and sustainable development.

LLC Scientific-Technical Centre “Resources and Consulting”
Logo STC “Resources and Consulting”LLC Scientific-Technical Centre “Resources and Consulting”, based in Russia, performs research and analytical activity in the field of sustainable development, sustainable natural resource use and environment protection, supports export of services on consulting, designing, engineering in the field of environment protection and sustainable natural resource use, develops systems of risk management and information safety.

LLC Scientific-Production Enterprise “Cadastre”
Logo Scientific-Production Enterprise “Cadastre”LLC Scientific-Production Enterprise “Cadastre”, since 1993 and based in Russia, provides a wide spectrum of engineering works and specializes on project and consulting services, implements research activities in the field of measures aimed at environment protection and improvement, ensuring environmental safety of industrial production and sustainable development of regions and municipalities.

Martin Luther University College
ML collegeAt Martin Luther University College, Waterloo, Ontario, students discover a rich social and learning environment with all the amenities of an excellent university. Luther is federated with, and is the founding institution of, Wilfrid Laurier University. The academic programming offers undergraduate, graduate and graduate diploma opportunities.

Medcom Benefit Solutions, United States

Medcom LogoMedcom Benefit Solutions is a leading employee benefits administrator, well-known for specializing in exceptional service, offering a variety of products that are designed to help employers meet the challenges of a rapidly changing workforce.

Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme
One Planet Network – UN Environment
One Planet logoThe One Planet network has formed to implement the commitment of the 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production (10YFP). It is a multi-stakeholder partnership for sustainable development, generating collective impact through its six programmes: Public Procurement, Buildings and Construction, Tourism, Food Systems, Consumer Information, and Lifestyles and Education.

Reseau International des Jeunes Leaders Francophones

Logo RIJLFThe Réseau International des Jeunes Leaders Francophones– RIJLF (Internatioal Network of young Francophone leaders) works in synergy toward the promotion of freedom, peace, education, training, entrepreneurship, social innovation, the preservation of the environment, and leadership in all French speaking countries. They contribute to transforming society positively through actions in social, entrepreneurial, cultural and environmental areas.



SERESSERES is a non-profit organization that works with a diversity of young people with limited access to opportunities, at the forefront of climate change in Central America, empowering them to be agents of change, social entrepreneurs and leaders in sustainability capable of building more prosperous, resilient communities.

Shangri-la Institute, China

shangri-la-institute-chinaShangri-la Institute‘s mission is to enable local communities to actively participate as citizens in the development and maintenance of an ecologically sustainable, economically viable, socially just and democratic society.

Soka Gakkai International

soka-gakkai-international Soka Gakkai International (SGI) is a Buddhist network that actively promotes peace, culture and education through personal change and social contribution.

tH&P, The Netherlands
thtH&P works in the field of personal and professional development based on the by tH&P developed learning principles of awareness, construction, exploration and reflection.


Transformative Learning Centre, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada
transformative-learning-centre-ontario-institute-for-studies-education-canada The Transformative Learning Centre provides an interdepartmental structure for community-university partnerships in research and field development. It organizes many colloquia, debates and conferences.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) 

UNESCOunescologo and Earth Charter International have been partnering in the implementation of The UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014), and since 2015 in the Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development.

University for Peace, Costa Rica
The UN-mandated University for Peace (UPEACE) offers a unique and innovative multicultural teaching programme to provide graduate students from all regions of the world the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills on key issues related to the prevention of conflict and the peace building.

University for International Cooperation, Costa Rica
university-for-international-cooperation-costa-rica The University for the International Cooperation (UCI) dedicated to the training of professional leaders able to lead and drive the changes required for sustainable economic, environmental, cultural and political development in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean Sea.


WEAll-logo-smallerThe Well Being Economy Alliance is a global collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals – working together to change the economic system. It’s time for a new economy; one that delivers human and ecological wellbeing.

World of Walas
world-of-walasWorld of Walas is a global group working to help create and conceptualize projects for sustainable urban development. It researches and develops sustainable business models for both internal projects and outside clients, including land use planning and design, landscape architecture, socio-economic research and implementation, community outreach and development, urban planning and design, architecture and integrated innovations.