Mohamed Sahnoun

mohamed-sahnoun-ambassador-algeriaServed as ambassador of Algeria to Germany, France, the United States and Morocco and as permanent representative of Algeria to the United Nations (1983-1987); Special advisor to the War-torn Societies Project, UNRISD, Geneva; special UNESCO advisor for the Culture of Peace Program; member of special advisory groups concerned with human rights, humanitarian assistance, development, environment, and conflict resolution; member of the World Commission on Environment and Development; special advisor to the Secretary General of the United Nations during the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED,1992); executive director of the first phase of the Earth Charter Initiative (1994-1995).

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Tribute to Ambassador Mohamed Sahnoun (1931 – 2018)

Today would have been Ambassador Mohamed Sahnoun’s 88th birthday. He was a member of the Earth Charter Commission, a great diplomat and friend. I want to take this occasion to celebrate his life and express gratitude for his remarkable contribution to processes of social transformation. On behalf of all those involved in the Earth Charter […]

Earth Charter Plus 15 celebrations in the Netherlands

The long-standing network in the Netherlands holds day-long conference to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Earth Charter.