Help the Earth Charter Initiative fulfill its mission.

ECI welcomes volunteers to help promote the Earth Charter vision and the scaling up of the Earth Charter Movement. Volunteers are individuals who are willing to contribute time and resources in a specific area of need and be connected with ECI.

You can register as a volunteer in a specific area of your interest, according to your field of work and expertise. Just click on the link below, tell us which area you are interested in, and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible. Please note we would like to hear from you when you undertake any activity related to the Earth Charter. Share your story with us!

Project 1 – Translation of the Earth Charter into new languages (CLICK HERE to see which translations already exist). If the Earth Charter is already translated in your native language, you can still help in translating other important materials. Please, contact us for more information.

Project 2 – Arts and Creative Communications – Write stories, take pictures, create videos for the web, make a movie, write a song … or anything else having to do with creative communications and the arts. You can also create an Earth Charter artistic group with your friends or colleagues, and together express your interest about the Earth Charter.

Project 3 – Give presentations on the Earth Charter to schools, professional groups, religious groups, clubs, youth groups, and others, and invite people and institutions to consider using the Earth Charter.

Project 4 – Create an Earth Charter action group in education.  If you are involved with an education institution (a school, a university or related), you can create a study or discussion group with colleagues, students, and/or other members of your community to share and discuss ways to incorporate the Earth Charter in the curricula, institutional projects, and/or activities. At the University for Peace, where the Earth Charter is located, students are involved as EC volunteers implementing projects and workshops with the local community and helping with sustainable initiatives at the university and in the surrounding area. To join the facebook group click here.

Project 5 – Create an Earth Charter action group in your institution. You can form a group to discuss how to bring the principles of the Earth Charter into your organization’s activities, code of ethics, planning processes, and assessments. You can use EC-Assess available on line. In addition, discuss the possibility of developing or sponsoring an Earth Charter exhibition, publication, game, or workshop locally.

Project 6 – Contribute with anything else. Let us know if you want to contribute with anything else.

We would like to hear from you how you are helping and to share your story with others. Send us information about your Earth Charter related activities: info@earthcharter.org

Of course, financial donations are also both welcome and needed.

CLICK HERE to see the options for you to contribute.  You can do that through secured credit card services, or get information about how to send funds in other ways.

We look forward to hearing from you … and to working with you.


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