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Costa Rica The EC and HEY 4 Degrees Art

Reflections on the Importance of Art in the Transition Towards a Fair, Just and Sustainable World

Theater and the Earth Charter Artists
North America Theater and EC

A North American educator shares her successful experience with the Earth Charter.

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Ana Person sings to the Earth Charter (Brazil) Artists
Brazil Ana Person sings to EC

The show “Ana Person sings to the Earth Charter”, presented to the public for the first time...

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llanto verde Artists
Mexico Llanto Verde

Llanto Verde” (Green Cry) is an itinerant exhibition of sixteen pictorial pieces of art inspired on the...

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Mexico Using arts

Using arts to promote environmental culture in Mexico. Cardiela Amézcua Luna is an art teacher…

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Earth Charter - UNESCO CD Artists
International EC – UNESCO CD

Pour la Terre, a non-profit French environmental association, has engaged in a project to create…

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Art - Musical from Japan inspired by the Earth Charter Artists
New York Musical from Japan

Our Blue Planet Will it Survive Till Tomorrow?” is a musical inspired by the Earth Charter and...

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Art - Raffi and the Earth Charter Artists
International Raffi and the EC

In the summer of 2003, Raffi, a famous Canadian children’s singer and songwriter, launched…

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EC Workshop in Patzcuaro 2007 Artists
Mexico Environmental Culture

Cardiela Amézcua Luna provides workshop for the harmonious development of children.

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policeman-novelda-alicante-teachers Artists
Spain Community & Nature

University of Granada uses the Earth Charter to help students connect with nature.

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