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Netherlands Walas and Earth Charter

This company works on Sustainable Urban Development and uses the Earth Charter as the ethical compass.

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El hotel Hilton Arlington Business
United States Hilton Arlington Hotel

The Hilton Arlington Hotel, located in Virginia (USA) is successfully using the Earth Charter in everyday…

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Business - Philips Brazil and the Earth Charter Business
Brazil Philips Brazil & EC

Philips Brazil used the Earth Charter Principles in its sustainability reporting

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The Experience of Promotora Ambiental Company (Mexico) Business
Mexico Promotora Ambiental

The Earth Charter was used as a Reference of Reflection and Change in PASA, a Mexican Company…

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India & Netherlands Business
International India & Netherlands

Earth Charter used as a reference in a conflict between India and the Netherlands

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Proportion Foundation Business
International Proportion Foundation

Lieke Pijpers of the ProPortion Foundation (Netherlands) has been challenged to explain…

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Interview with Peter Head Business
International Interview with Peter Head

Interview with Peter Head Consultant and Former Chairman of Global Planning, ARUP, on Earth Charter…

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Pictures of Success Business
International Pictures of Success

Pictures that show how constructive engagement with the big issues in the world can enrich the lives…

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EC-Assess Business
International EC-Assess

The Earth Charter Ethics-Based Assessment Tool provides: An Open-Source Tool for Evaluating…

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GRI, Global Compact Business
International GRI, Global Compact

This publication attempts to provide a clear and practical assessment of the main similarities and…

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