ArgentinaIn 1997, a national Earth Charter Project was created in Argentina to help generate dialogue about the Earth Charter draft and collect Argentina’s vision of the Earth Charter. In 1998, the Earth Charter was discussed during the third Indigenous Peoples, Mother Earth and Spirituality meeting on Education, Traditional Knowledge and Sustainable Practices held in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. In August that year, the presentation of the Earth Charter Project in Argentina took place in a public forum with the attendance of approximately 250 people. The NGOs Acuario XXI Century and Ala Plastica organized the forum.

After the launch of the Earth Charter in 2000, activities in Argentina have slowed down. Argentina People and Nature was disseminating the Charter with individuals, educational institutions, and in rural and local schools through the publication of their magazine “Verde y Algo más” (Green and more) and through their Botanical Garden.In 2009 they planned a workshop for businesses and discussed the possibility of including the Charter within the official agenda Cordoba Province

Ala Plastica has been developing educational artistic projects with biologists, sociologists, and other professionals, to help them enhance their creativity in their work with communities. The organization used Earth Charter values in this project, not only in Argentina, but also in Ecuador and New York. In 2013, they collaborated more closely with Solo con Natura, an Ecuadorian organization, to expand this project to a larger scale.