In 1999 the first introduction of the Earth Charter to the region of Central Asia took place at the Regional Central Asian conference held at the location of Lake Issyk-Kul, not far from the capital of Kyrgyzstan. At that time an Earth Charter Council for Central Asia was created as the result of the conference, its goals objectives were the promotion of the Earth Charter ethical values and moral principle in the region, and the dissemination of the Earth Charter educational materials, and other information.

The Ecological Movement of Kyrgyzstan played an important role in promoting the Earth Charter in the country, as well as within the regional Earth Charter Central Asian Council. As the head of the most influential environmental NGO in Kyrgyzstan, Dr. Emil Shukurov played an important role in integrating the Earth Charter into the life and work of the civil society in the country. The Earth Charter was about to become an officially endorsed document in Kyrgyzstan, but after the sudden change of political power the situation in the country was reversed.