mauritiusSince 1998, the Council for Development, Environmental Studies and Conservation (MAUDESCO) has promoted and facilitated a number of Earth Charter projects in Mauritius. They led a consultation process in the country that stimulated a discussion around the Earth Charter drafts and generated contributions to the drafting process. This process partly culminated in an event that took place in June 1998. Following that and over the course of the year 2000, students and youth at large were fully involved disseminating the Earth Charter in Mauritius.

Currently, MAUDESCO develops activities (workshops, talks, projects) that tend to raise awareness and build capacity on pressing issues such as adaptation to climate change. The Earth Charter serves as a framework for their work.

MAUDESCO is actively involved in regular and ongoing awareness raising and capacity building, particularly of young people i.e primary, secondary, and tertiary students and the public at large, using elements of the Charter in these activities. In 2010, they implemented a project called “Mauritius Ill Durable”, intended for secondary school students, youth and NGO leaders, where they distributed many copies of the Earth Charter.  They have been very active in the climate negotiations issues.