MexicoActivities around the Earth Charter started in Mexico in early 1998, through radio programs and sustainability forums. The Consultative Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD) initially coordinated the activities with the Earth Charter in this country.

In 2000, NCSD from Mexico contributed to the dissemination of the Earth Charter through its national network. The Earth Charter was used in the elaboration of an Environmental Program of the State of Michoacán. Also, the Municipality of Morelia promoted the active participation of civil society in the implementation of the city Program for Sustainable Development where the Earth Charter was incorporated.

The Earth Charter was formally introduced in this country in 2002, following the official support that President Vicente Fox offered to the Earth Charter during the Johannesburg Summit.

In November 2003, the first national gathering on ethics for sustainability took place in Morelia under the theme, “Educating for a Sustainable Way of Life with the Earth Charter”. The event included political support from all levels of government including the Ministry of the Environment and the State Government of Michoacán, he State Council of Ecology organized it.

In 2014, Mateo Castillo, who is one of the main coordinators of the EC Mexican Network, offered 14 workshops and organized 10 Conferences around Mexico. In addition, there were EC activities in 12 Mexican States that included more than 50 workshops, 14 conferences, numerous radio spots, extension and certification programmes, and several publications. The activities in total counted thousands of participants all over Mexico.

In 2013, the Earth Charter Mexican Network was formally launched, with the aim to help with the implementation and follow up of Earth Charter activities in this country. This network is composed by focal points from each State, and is coordinated by the Social Participation and Transparency Unit of the Ministry of Environment (SEMARNAT). The first meeting to establish this network took place in early November 2013, in Aguascalientes.

The National Chamber of Industries (CANACINTRA) in Mexico City formalized its endorsement of the Earth Charter in 2013. CANACINTRA, with more than 50,000 members, publically expressed its commitment to using and promoting the Earth Charter as a reference and guide in its decision-making processes and work programmes. Other Mexican companies that endorsed the Earth Charter in 2013 are Delta Development Group and Madisa CAT.

The Municipality of Aguascalientes is an example of a local government that has been using the principles of the Earth Charter for their strategic planning, policies and projects. In this video, the Mayor Mrs. Lorena Martinez (2011-2013), explains how they’ve been putting the Earth Charter into action.

In October 2007, the 4th National Earth Charter gathering took place in Monterrey. In April 2007, in connection with a special national ceremony for
Earth Day, which was hosted and keynoted by the President of the Republic, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa. Mexico’s Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Education entered into a formal agreement to collaborate in the dissemination of the Earth Charter throughout Mexico’s educational system. The agreement also marked a formal adoption of the UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development (“DESD”), which ECI has partnered with UNESCO to
promote. The agreement was personally signed by Mexico’s Secretary of Environment, Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada, and Secretary of Education, Josefina Vazquez Mota.

Several leading Mexican NGOs and institutes have endorsed the Charter since the year 2000. More than 130 academic institutions have endorsed the Earth Charter, including every single one of Mexico’s 74 technical schools and institutions.

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