New Zealand

new zealandThe New Zealand Center for Environmental Law (NZCEL), of the University of Auckland, took on the role of coordinating the New Zealand National Earth Charter Campaign in mid-1999. In addition, Pauline Tangiora, a member of the Earth Charter Commission supported and promoted the Earth Charter since its drafting process.

In February 2000, the Tindall Foundation provided a grant to the NZCEL to help set up the National Earth Charter Campaign. Two months later, a coordinating group was formed to establish a National Earth Charter Committee. Since then, they have undertaken many activities, including setting up a local Earth Charter website.

Two faculty members of NZCEL, Klaus Bosselman and Prue Taylor have been using the Earth Charter for many years and promoting it through the National Committee. They have written various books and articles about the Earth Charter. They have also been using the Earth Charter in their undergraduate and graduate level classes in the Law School, and the School of Architecture and Planning.

In 2002, SGI-New Zealand hosted a series of Earth Charter meetings, where the principles of the Earth Charter were discussed.

The Congregation of Aotearoa New Zealand Dominican Sisters started an education center for the communities of Korimako. Since 2001, this Center has generated a process of education for sustainable development using the Earth Charter.