phillipinesThe Philippines carried out a very interesting participatory process of consultation to develop a Filipino Earth Charter in 1991. This was the first attempt in the world to develop an Earth Charter. The Filipino Earth Charter was adopted by the State and civil society organizations during the “Gathering for a Human and Ecological Security” conference in 1995. This document is known as the Filipino Contribution to the People’s Earth Charter.

An Earth Charter Core Group in the Philippines was created to help organize their contributions to the International process of drafting the Earth Charter; an important contributor was the Philippine Institute for Alternative Futures (PIAF). In 1999, they focused on promoting the sustainability values of the Earth Charter.

An important activity in 1999 was the nationwide tour of the Indigenous Peoples’ Theater, an Earth Charter production called “Seven Rituals of Mother Earth.”

In 2000, an Earth Scouts Initiative was launched in the Philippines that used the Earth Charter as its foundation and source of inspiration. That same year, PIAF engaged in a series of training sessions nationwide regarding sustainable development and the Earth Charter.

Earth Charter Youth Groups (ECYGs) have been very active in this country. In 2003, the organization called “Eco Trekkers Society” started to use the Earth Charter in their local campaigns against the introduction of genetically modified organisms. In 2007, the Philippine Resources for Sustainable Development, Inc. (PRSD), another ECYG, initiated a five-day bike tour around a major water reserve to raise awareness about industrial pollution and over fishing. See the Earth Charter Youth Groups’ profiles.

In Manila, the Earth Charter Secretariat and the EC Affiliate Earth Council Asia Pacific organized three Earth Charter Forums in 2007. The events took place at the Environmental Studies Institute (Miriam College); the Philippines Women University; and the Soka Gakkai Center (where an Earth Charter forum was organized years before).

In this occasion, a weekly radio show called Kalikasan Kaunlaran!, broadcasted a program on the Earth Charter, on prime time nation-wide. This radio program is continually opening discussions on issues related to sustainability, with outstanding guest speakers.
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