Russian Federation

In 1996, a first Earth Charter All-Russian conference was held to generate broad support and a public discussion on the first draft of the Earth Charter text. This event was chaired by Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev and was covered by all major mass media outlets of the Russian Federation. More than 300 participants from all stakeholders of Russian society, from NGOs, business, academia, youth, different religious groups, to the Ministry of Defense took part in lively discussions regarding the values and principles that should be part of the Earth Charter. This conference gave start to the Earth Charter dissemination in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Afterwards, the first Earth Charter focal point in Russia, The Foundation for Development and Survival of Humankind and its Executive Director Rustem Khairov, organized numerous activities and initiatives for promoting the Earth Charter in the country. In 1997 the Earth Charter web site was launched in Russian by the Foundation. There have been many actions and activities in Russia over the past 15 years.

The Earth Charter Affiliate in Russia, the Center for Environmental Policy and Culture (CEPC), jointly with Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) presented the Earth Charter at 11 meetings, seminars, and conferences to 740 people in 2014 mostly in Russia, but also in Romania. The Earth Charter was recommended as an ideal background document for Education for Sustainable Development.

In 2013, CEPC, jointly with Institute for Sustainable Development of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation (ISD), was very active, presenting the Earth Charter and recommending it as a foundational document for Education for Sustainable Development at many lectures, roundtables, conferences, and social fora, reaching hundreds of people.

The Guidelines for the All-Russian Open Lesson “Ecology and Culture – the Future of Russia” was elaborated by experts of CEPC and ISD in 2013. The Lesson was recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and conducted in schools throughout Russia. The focal point of the Lesson is to provide the basic knowledge on sustainable development ideas based on the principles of the Earth Charter.

The Russian Social Forum “Priorities of Sustainable Development: Challenges of Civil Society” in September 2013, publicized a Declaration suggesting the adoption of the Ethic Code of Sustainable Development on the basis of the Earth Charter. Also in Russia, the Declaration of the Third National Conference on Environmental Education in November, “…recommends educational institutions to include basic ideas of the Earth Charter and the Green Economy in the Curriculum of the scientific and humanitarian disciplines.” The Earth Charter document was given to all participants at this conference.

In 2007 a new partnership was initiated between the Center for Russian Environmental Policy and Culture and Earth Charter International. Since then, this Center has taken a leadership role in promoting the Earth Charter in Russia. For instance, they brought the Earth Charter to the agenda of several All-Russian Conferences focused on the priorities of environmental policy and civil society, held in Moscow in 2007 and in Barnaul (Altai) in 2008. The conferences were organized under the leadership of Dr. Vladimir Zakharov, President of the Center, who is also the Chairman of the Environmental Commission of the Russian Public Chamber.

The Earth Carter was also endorsed by the Institute for ‘Problems of Sustainable Development’ at the Russian State University for Chemical Technology and the Environmental Commission of the Russian Public Chamber.