South Korea

The Earth Charter process in Korea was activated under the leadership of Mr. Sungnok Andy Choi, Chairman for the Youth Forum Committee, during the 1999 International NGO Conference. In collaboration with the Korean Federation of Environment Movement, they brought together a significant group of individuals and organizations in Korea to define their viewpoints with regard to the Earth Charter.

In the year 2000, a seminar called “Conceptualization of the Earth Charter and its Role in Korean Society” was organized by the Earth Charter Research Team in South Korea to find ways to effectively communicate the Charter in the Korean context and discuss its role in Korean society.

Also in 2000, the Earth Council and Soka Gakkai facilitated several Earth Charter-related activities, such as a seminar entitled “The Earth Charter, Agenda 21, and Korean Civil Society”, which was co-presented by the Korean National Earth Charter facilitator, along with the Chairman of Incheon City Agenda, the deputy Minister of the Environment, and the Director of the Korean committee for Earth Day.

Although there has not been much activity around the Earth Charter in South Korea in the past years, a Korean Earth Charter website is still available, with information on the Earth Charter and various environmental and sustainability issues.