The Earth Charter was presented for the first time in Syria in January 2010 by e-GLO 2 alumnus Mr. Melhem Mansour, Project Coordinator of the Department of Development of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, at the National Seminar “Towards An Educational Strategy For Sustainable Development”.

The Earth Charter and Green Economy were the focus of the Department of Development of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Syria activities in 2011, an active stakeholder for the Rio+20 process in the Arab region. This organization signed the Dead Sea Declaration during the 10th anniversary of the Earth Charter in Jordan.

In 2013, the World Council of Churches organized a peace workshop in Beirut, Lebanon, at the Lady of the Mountain Conference Center. The workshop focused on training Syrian activists in international humanitarian law, reconciliation, and post-conflict recovery. Mr. Mansour, who led the workshop, presented the Earth Charter as a foundation and ethical framework in the post-conflict recovery of Syria.