Taiwan Province of China

The Taiwan Ecological Stewardship Association (TESA) has been very active since 2004 in promoting the Earth Charter within youth and indigenous communities in Taiwan.

In July 2008, TESA started a network called Earth Charter Taiwan. Since its beginning, EC Taiwan has been very active, offering study groups, immersion Camps for youth, basic courses, and youth volunteers training. In addition, TESA organized a series of Environmental Ethics Lectures, conducted by Dr. Holmes Rolston III, where the Earth Charter was discussed in depth during a period of six weeks. TESA also published a four-volume publication called “TESA Series in Thought and Praxis of Environmental Ethics”, where the Earth Charter is featured. It is available only in Chinese.

Also, Dharma Drum Mountain World Buddhist Association of Taiwan is using the Earth Charter in its campaign of protecting the spiritual

In 2013, TESA organized the 28th Caretakers of the Environment International Conference ‘Nature, Culture and Future’. This Conference provided a very interesting setting to promote the principles of the Earth Charter, and see its applicability with children from different ages and cultural settings. TESA also continued offering training programmes for students, in the form of Conferences and support for project implementation, to empower them to participate in this international Conference. The involvement of TESA with CEI Conferences comes from the collaboration between two Earth Charter Affiliates (ASPEA from Portugal and TESA). This is a great example of how members of the Earth Charter Initiative can collaborate in a decentralized way and bring the values of the Earth Charter to different settings.