ugandaIn 1998 and 1999, different organizations from Uganda actively joined the consultation process of the Earth Charter. The Integrated Rural Development Initiative (IRDI) and other NGOs organized national meetings to generate inputs to the Earth Charter Consultation process. They formed an EC Committee that helped to promote awareness about the Earth Charter. Other important organizations that were involved in this process were the Uganda Wildlife Society (UWS), the Wildlife Clubs of Uganda (WCU) and the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

After the Earth Charter launch, organizations in Uganda such as IRDI used the Earth Charter as an educational instrument, and have organized numerous workshops and campaigns to promote sustainable lifestyles.

There were two Earth Charter Youth Groups in Uganda.

The Department of Good Governance and Peace Studies of Uganda Martyrs University has been engaged in several Earth Charter environmental activities and it became an ECI Affiliate. In 2013, its efforts focused on an initiative called Equator Greenbelt in which participants planted around 5,000 trees in a demonstration plot at the university campus. They also organized Earth Charter workshops with more than 100 people, including students from local schools and the University, and organized other types of activities to mobilize University staff members to take care of the environment.