In 1999 an Uzbek National Workshop was held in Tashkent where the Earth Charter was introduced. This was followed by national consultations and discussions on Earth Charter drafts. These activities were organized by the National Commission for Sustainable Development of Uzbekistan. More than 50 representatives from government institutions, NGOs, business, local authorities, youth, and scientific organizations from around the country participated in this workshop. This workshop was followed by two major Earth Charter events held in 2000, a Regional Earth Charter meeting with participants from all the countries in Central Asia, and an Earth Charter Youth meeting.

At the present time the political situation in the country does not allow active involvement of the civil society in the national development policy.

There was one Earth Charter Youth Group in Uzbekistan, called ECYG School Connect. They joined the Earth Charter Youth network in July, 2008. This ECYG’s mission is to build a better environment though training and partnership.