Earth Charter Young Leader Featured Story: Simran Vedvyas from UAE

Simran Vedvyas from Dubai, United Arab Emirates became involved with the Earth Charter in 2012 when she became an Earth Charter Youth Group Country Activator. Simran strives for promoting the Earth Charter and take challenges of incorporating the principles into her daily life.

Simran, the youngest Emirates Women of the year – Young Achiever for the region believes that ‘Youth are the Future Champions’.  Founder of Synergy, Simran joined ECI during a webinar with Severn Cullis-Suzuki on “Empowering Young Leaders through Education”, which was organized on April 22, 2013, on the occasion of International Earth Day.  Synergy, is an active youth group based in Dubai gathering students from across the United Arab Emirates who want to take action towards raising awareness around environmental, social, and economic issues that affect youth every day. Simran has managed to build a strong and creative team, which keeps promoting sustainable lifestyles and acting towards the vision they believe in.

Simran was recently awarded with the Non Resident Indian (NRI) of the Year Awards – A Prestigious Award for Global Indians #YouDeserve Times Now, ICICI Bank and GIIS presented; the fourth edition of the prestigious NRI of the Year Awards 2017 at Hotel Grand Hyatt Mumbai, facilitating IMG_3712 [50%]select Global Indians with India’s most distinctive global awards. This award recognized the deserving spirit of those globetrotting Indians who have made a change by their work and action reaching the pinnacles of success globally by rising every day. From more than twenty five thousand nominations in various coveted award categories including the field of Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, Academics, Arts and Business Professionals and a new category of ‘start ups’ twenty-three non-resident Indians received the honour. In a dual accomplishment Simran was also found recently featured in Al Gore’s Climate Reality Blog of chosen TEN surprising climate and renewable energy activists for her uncompromising work over the years, advocating and inspiring thousands of youngsters selflessly to care for the environment and work for societal uplift, by participating in environment, social and health initiatives staning out amongst 12000 trained climate reality activists!1

An Indian by origin, resident of Dubai -United Arab Emirates since birth, Simran is currently pursuing her undergraduate Honors Degree at the University of Toronto, Canada for a successful future. Simran, at 18 has reached out and influenced thousands to serve humanity & environment beyond boundaries. She finds herself continuously self-motivated to ‘dreaming large and achieving big’. As a responsible global youth citizen, Simran, has remarkably led over 75 successful youth engagement campaigns through her youth group SynergY- including ‘Green Space New Life’ that witnessed 3,000 trees planted at landfills across UAE, & ‘Convoy to Feed’ that distributed food supplies to nearly 4,000 workers at various landfills. simran-vedvyas-profile-1She holds the record of winning ‘Six highest National Academic distinctions’ received in consecutive years including thrice winning the Sheikh Hamdan Award and also thrice the Sharjah Education Award. She has been recognized at home & abroad for her academic & humanitarian achievements. At 12, chosen as the youngest from the region to carry the Olympic Flame at the London Olympics in 2012, she moved forward with her social & environmental work and never looked back. Success for her lies in the belief that at the end of the day her actions have a positive effect on those around her.



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