Africa and Middle East

esther-kelechi-agbarakwe-nigeria Youth
Nigeria From Youth Group to UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth

Watch Esther’s Earth Charter Youth Story here

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the earth charter Educators
International La Carta de la Tierra

Una herramienta para guiar la educación ambiental y la acción en la comunidad de Seychelles…

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Egyptian Youth and e-GLO 3 participant Youth
Egypt Egyptian Rev

Egyptian Youth and E-GLO alumna writes about Revolution. e-GLO 3 alumna Janna from Egypt relates…

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Education - Using the Earth Charter as a thinking tool and a talking point Educators
South Africa EC as a thinking tool

Reflections on environmental education courses at Rhodes University, South Africa.

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Students for the earth Youth
United Arab Emirates Photo Contest

EC Youth Group Students for the Earth organizes EC+15 photo contest A UAE Earth Charter Youth Group...

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philip osano Youth
Kenya Shaping our future

In the wake of the World Summit of Sustainable Development, in 2002, hundreds of young people from...

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Celebrating EC+15 with a climate change walk in Kenya Educators
Kenya Climate Change Walk

The Green Belt Movement celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Earth Charter.

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Sylvannus Murray, Sierra Leone-earth charter Youth
Sierra Leone Earth Charter Youth Group

Using the Earth Charter with ex-combatants in Sierra Leone.

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Education - Earth Scouts - Earth Champs Educators
United States Earth Champs

Sustainability for Seychelles is an NGO that explored how the Earth Charter could…

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