Asia and the Pacific

borneo student Educators
Borneo Whole School Approach

A story from the Heart of Borneo Island

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Education - Earth Charter in Delhi Schools with CLEAN-India One Earth, One Family Educators
India EC in Delhi Schools

One Earth, One Family. CLEAN-India is a programme created by Development Alternatives to bring…

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Education - Taking it to the Brink Educators
Australia Taking it to the Brink

The Story of the Brink Expedition

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Education - Learning to see the big picture with the Earth Charter Educators
Australia The Big Picture With EC!

The story of Wondai School in Australia.

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Education - The Earth Charter and China’s National Guidelines for Environmental Education Educators
China Environmental Education

The development of China’s National Guidelines for Environmental Education for primary and middle…

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Local Communities - The City of Joondalup Local Communities
Australia The city of Joondalup

The city of Joondalup succeeded in applying the Earth Charter as part of the planning process for...

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Education - Australia’s Green Lane Diary initiative reinforces the Earth Charter Educators
International Australia’s Green Lane

This is the mantra of Green Cross Australia’s environmental education programme, the Green Lane Diary.

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