North America

Theater and the Earth Charter Artists
North America Theater and EC

A North American educator shares her successful experience with the Earth Charter.

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El hotel Hilton Arlington Business
United States Hilton Arlington Hotel

The Hilton Arlington Hotel, located in Virginia (USA) is successfully using the Earth Charter in everyday…

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Playing and Learning about Sustainability Educators
International Playing and Learning

Kids, online media, and the Little Earth Charter. A media education experience for children and…

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Education - Butterflies and being kind Educators
United States Butterflies and being kind

The story of Voyager Montessori School using the Earth Charter.

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Education - Becoming a Sustainable Campus Educators
United States Sustainable Campus

An Experience with the Earth Charter Community Summits at University Wisconsin Oshkosh, USA.

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Mary Evelyn & John Grim Spiritual & Religious
International Mary Evelyn & John Grim

This is a series of interviews conducted in 2013 during their visit to the Earth Charter Center...

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Peter Blaze Corcoran, left, is the Director of the Center for the Environmental and Sustainability Education program at FGCU, founded two years ago to push the university into the spotlight on environmental issues.  Michel Fortier/Staff Educators
United States Infusing the Earth Charter

Infusing the Earth Charter into Research and Curriculum. The story of Florida Gulf Coast University, USA.

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Art - Musical from Japan inspired by the Earth Charter Artists
New York Musical from Japan

Our Blue Planet Will it Survive Till Tomorrow?” is a musical inspired by the Earth Charter and...

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UMAPAZ1 Local Communities
Brazil The Story of UMAPAZ

UMAPAZ is the Open University for Environment and Culture of Peace, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This...

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