Adele Karla Arrazola

Adele Karla Arrazola is an undergraduate at the University of Toronto majoring in Literature and Critical Theory and Environmental Studies. She started a passion for teaching when she get to see the lack of education in her home country, the Philippines, thriving to create a change in the system. She becomes interested in sustainability when she started travelling and get to understand individual consumption causing detrimental effects in the natural world. She learned more about fast fashion and the industry’s waste and was able to design change and solutions to WWF, taking the place of a runner-up in a competition. Adele volunteered as an advocate for raising awareness for climate change in Romania and has been an active school member of UTEA (University of Toronto Environmental Action). 

She believes that Earth Charter allows her to see the world through the lens of the organization’s principles, ready to step forward and create a huge impact on the lives of many. There is still much to learn but she’s ready, opening the door to the possibilities of this opportunity.