Arumi Rodríguez

Arumi Rodríguez, is an Industrial and Systems Engineer. She currently holds a postgraduate degree in Environmental Management in her hometown of Saltillo, Coahuila. She works in the Autonomous University of Coahuila as a teacher in the Faculty of Systems and also in the coordination of the Environmental Agenda of the University.

Arumi is a volunteer and faithful to the Earth Charter since 2008, she was recognized as facilitator of Earth Charter workshops in 2013 by the International Secretariat. She participated in the Earth Charter +10 and Earth Charter +15 celebrations of the launching of the Earth Charter Initiative. Arumi was part of the organizing committee in the celebration of Earth Charter + 15 , she was in charge of the delivery of workshops for children, adolescents and university students simultaneously by part of the Network of Young Environmental Promoters with Earth Charter of UAdeC.

She has participated in different trainings to approach and disseminate the initiative, collaborating first hand with the Mexican Network of Earth Charter focal points, as well as projects such as the Workshop on Consultation with Latin American Youth on ESD, organized by UNESCO and Earth Charter International.

I believe that life is a gift, we must thank it, take care of it and enjoy it … but when we are able to love its ephemerality, we will walk in such a way that our journey is a collection of good actions, for us and for others.