Asif Amer

Asif Amer is a development strategist and changemaker from Bangladesh who is working for more than 6 years to ensure his dream of a society where everyone has their rights fulfilled, lives in harmony and protect & save their environment from any kind of danger.

Asif is currently working as a Fellow of Teach for Bangladesh to enable quality education, leadership and skill development opportunity for children of the marginalized community. Through his work he was able to change the lives of 1256+ student & implement student lead 6 community development projects.

Asif is leading strategic decision making team of MASTUL Foundation and has enabled 56 individuals to improve their economic condition through its livelihood generation program.

Besides this, he is the co-founder of ‘Alleviation 360’ a youth lead organization working to incorporate SDG metrics & strategy in development activities. Some notable work of him in this organization are skill & leadership development of young people through a progressive month-long online-offline session and development of ‘Lifekits’ a low-cost first aid kit for underprivileged community.