Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze

I am a 24 year old young man from Burundi and I am studying at the National Institute of Public Health in the Department of Health Sciences (in the middle of the midwife). I want to become someone who focuses on his subject matter to become a productive student. I am the type of person who attacks a problem and who seeks solutions to make our world better.

I am a young man who fights for global change, and at the same time I contribute to community development to combat climate change, for example, protecting the environment by planting trees to stop erosion in my community of origin.

As an individual belonging to the new generation, I realized that we must participate in empowering others to change our world, that this world is better in the future than what exists today. I am an activist for peace in the organization ‘World Peace 2035’ that works to make our world more peaceful.

With the knowledge and competencies that I received during the Leadership, Ethics and Sustainability training, I have the feeling of having more capacities and strength in my life to collaborate with Earth Charter International and promote its objectives and mission here in Burundi.