Isabel Adriana García Gómez

Adriana is a Mexican Biologist and has collaborated in different research projects in the Academic Unit of Ecology and Aquatic Biodiversity of the Institute of Marine Sciences and Limnology UNAM. She has received postgraduate training in <Ecology and Cephalopod Fisheries> at the ECOSUR University Campeche University, as well as in <Climate Change> by the Inter-American Development Bank and has completed a Diploma in <Education on Climate Change> by the Fraternitas Foundation. During her degree, she participated in different conferences and symposiums focusing her interests on marine biodiversity research, Mexican seas, and development of education plans and environmental policy.

She has also coordinated environmental education projects for Morelos, Hidalgo and the State of Mexico. She has collaborated with the Global Youth Network for Biodiversity, the Young Cephalopod Researchers group, Sustainability Collaborative of the Complexity Sciences Center UNAM, Climate Leader in The Climate Reality Project, National Front for Sorority, among other organizations of society She is a founder of the Smart Cities Initiative Built By Young People Latin America and the Caribbean.

Youth Parliamentarian of the State of Mexico 2017 in the H. Chamber of Senators of the United Mexican States, Youth Delegate in the V Youth Forum of the Americas in the framework of the VIII Summit of the Americas in Lima-Peru, is currently the National Coordinator of Sustainable Development of RED VIRAL AC, as well as member of the Human Rights and Environment Subcommittee of the Government Policy Commission on Human Rights as a representative of Civil Society Organizations in the General Directorate of Public Policy on Human Rights.