Jennifer-Justine Kirsch

Jennifer holds a BSc in Earth and Environmental Sciences from the University College Freiburg, Germany. She was part of the interdisciplinary program “Liberal Arts and Sciences.” Throughout her studies, she conducted several independent research projects and studied at California State University, Monterey Bay from 2017-2018. Her research focus lies on species and nature conservation. She wrote her thesis on the impacts of climate change-driven habitat changes on Northern Elephant Seals as part of the Marine Animal Lab the University of California, Santa Cruz.

By combining social and environmental justice, she aims at improving the lives of people and animals. Her work draws connections between land and sea ecosystems and combines sustainability efforts within these areas. In the past years, Jennifer worked on a whale-watching boat in Monterey, USA, helped with research efforts at Ano Nuevo, USA, conducted a pilot study on forest-vertebrate relationships in the Black Forest, Germany and was part of the “Unterwasserwelten” (Engl. underwater worlds) Freediving Camp in Ettenheim, Germany. Since then she is the Social Media and Outreach Manager of “Unterwasserwelten”.

Trying to leave this Earth in a better condition than she found it, Jennifer tries to do the most good she can to improve the quality of ecosystems and thereby unite people worldwide. She carries her passion for nature everywhere she goes and sensitizes people to understand the fragility of our natural surroundings.