Joshua Amponsem

Joshua Amponsem, is an environmental activist and climate advocate with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. He focuses on youth mobilization (via volunteerism and social media) for environmental change through education and advocacy. Joshua sees advocacy as an important medium in engineering change in Africa. While an undergraduate, he founded Green Africa Youth Organization – a non-profit organization which serves as an advocacy anchor in environmental sustainability.

Joshua is the Research and Outreach Coordinator for Ghana Youth Climate Coalition, and the Youth Vice President of UNEP’s Ecosystem Based Adaptation for Food Security in Africa Assembly (EBAFOSA) in Ghana.

In 2016, Joshua became a fellow of the Inner Dimensions of Climate Change by the Global Peace Initiative of Women, where he spoke at the GPIW COP22 retreat on the loss of indigenous knowledge and its relation to climate change. He was also named as the first World Climate Ambassador in West Africa by MIT’s Climate Interactive Program following his immense dedication in organizing climate education events for young people across the world.

Over the years, he has served as a leader and mentor in global youth networks including UNEP’s Tunza platform (where he was recently awarded the best ambassador award for mentoring young people across the globe towards making impact in their community), UNFCCC’s International Youth Climate Coalition; and local networks such as the Ghana Youth Environmental Movement, IDEAS for US, and Challenges Worldwide.

Quote: “Advocacy and Youth Inclusion is now a necessity to ensure a viable economic transform in Africa while protecting ecological and natural resources.”