Katharina Braun

Katharina grew up in an environment that supported cross-cultural understanding. Ever since her childhood, she enjoyed creating intercultural connections and exploring different cultures and view-points. First, with her family, later as solo traveller. She always felt a deep connection to Mother Earth and all living beings and felt the need to mediate for the good, between people and nature as well as people and people. Hence, she started studying “Global Project and Change Management” in the Netherlands. A study which combines research, project management and leadership with the need to change our world for the better. All projects she did were closely related to the SDGs and ultimately Earth Charters mission to inspire global responsibility for our ecosystems and all living beings. Currently studying in Costa Rica and plans to do her bachelor thesis at the end of this year. 

“I love to connect with likeminded people for our common good and planetary well-being! Let’s integrate sustainable system changes and individual actions for a more just and healthy earth for all living beings! Hit me up to create change together!”