Netherlands, Canada

Kitty Verduin

Kitty Verduin is from the Netherlands, but lost her heart to Canada 3,5 years ago. She combines the values and principles of the Earth Charter with her background in her work with Dudoc Vancouver, a project of World of Walas. Through her background in International Relations, she became especially interested in the global interaction between the market, government and society. The vision, mission and work of Earth Charter lie at the heart of this interaction.

At World of Walas she helps establish the Earth Charter Friends Canada network. This is a network where Canadians can come together, share their Earth Charter stories and work together in the transition towards a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world. Another great focus of her at Dudoc is working with innovations. Innovations are the bridge between the Walas’ global stage, where we work on our vision and policies for sustainable cities, and Walas’ long term practices in sustainable community development projects. Kitty is grateful for the opportunity to help create these Earth Charter and Earth Charter Cities driven cities and projects.