United States of America

Kyle Freiler

Kyle is an aspiring educator who is exceptionally concerned about and committed to preserving the future of the planet and the life which inhabits it. He graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont with a double major in English and Philosophy and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa in his junior year as a student in the top 2% of his class. He has had a longstanding interest in sustainability and conservation, but this interest was reinvigorated when he attended a lecture on the state of climate change the fall of his senior year. More alert to the existential threat it poses, he was motivated to organize a panel on the ethics of climate change the following spring, which featured author Bill McKibben, environmental philosophy Rupert Read, and 2018 IPCC report lead coauthor Kim Cobb.

This concern continues to animate his actions and aspirations and specifically inspired him to enroll in the Earth Charter Young Leaders program. In his current role as a corps member with the AmeriCorps program City Year, he serves as a mentor and teaching assistant in a high-need urban middle school. He also serves as an assistant head of the student-led climate change committee there and has begun to become involved with the local chapter of the youth-led environmental advocacy group Sunrise Movement. He plans to enter a combined master’s in education/high school teaching residency program next year and continue to mobilize the activism necessary to forestall the worst effects of climate change through environmental education and advocacy.