Olabanji Jackson-oke

Olabanji is an Environmental & Social Risk/Sustainability Analyst by profession. He holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Lagos and currently works with a leading Financial Institution in Nigeria. His job involves making the case for the integration of Sustainability into the projects the bank invests in and strategies to reduce the carbon footprints of the bank.

He discovered his passion for the environment during one of his undergrad classes. This inspired his Thesis on the Politics of Climate Change as an Emerging Threat to International Peace and Security. Post-graduation, he has continued to dedicate himself to initiatives that provide the opportunity to express his dedication to sustainable development. He has mainly worked on projects that allow him to impact the lives of the marginalized community. This has cut across school rehabilitation, primary school enrollments for children in impoverished neighborhoods, and technical support to start-up businesses of the minority. He is presently a contributor at SustyVibes, an SDGs advocacy platform for youth and women’s empowerment.

Olabanji resonates most with Principles 9 and 12 of the Earth Charter and will focus most of his articles and workshops around them. Olabanji enjoys reading contemporary literature, writing and taking long walks. His greatest accomplishment to date was hiking on Mount Cameroon! He looks forward to new adventures and any opportunity to commune with nature.