Vihren Evgeniev Mitev

Being in his last year as Ph.D. candidate in Philosophical Anthropology at the University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Vihren becomes the author of the Ecological Manifesto (2017) – a text urging humanity for a change in its attitude towards nature and the people in need. The Ecological Manifesto quickly received international attention and is promoted successively around the world – Ireland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Austria, France, Romania, Vietnam, USA at several scientific and environmental conferences (and many more countries through online networks and groups). A year later this text becomes the foundation and reason for the establishment of the “Ecological Manifesto – ManEco” Foundation (April 2018) dedicated to working on a large spectrum of ecological projects in order to raise public attention about topics concerning climate change, plastic pollution, and consumerism. The Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development, the official affiliate of the Earth Charter in the Balkans, is also the main partner of ManEco Foundation in Bulgaria. One of the most recent causes that the Ecological Manifesto stands for is the fight of the island states against global warming and introducing mandatory environmental education in every country. The main aim of the foundation is the achievement of sustainable development based on education and a secure environment.

Vihren has had previous academic experience with a bachelor degree in Philosophy and a Master’s degree in Global Studies from the University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”. Vihren has been two times the beneficiary of the Erasmus+ exchange program to Amiens, France, and Hue, Vietnam. He has experience as a trainee of the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute and project manager at the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria. He is also the author of several national and international articles and a successful participant at the European Youth Event (2016) at the European Parliament; the Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics program of the Earth Charter International; Model of the United Nations focused on Environment and Sustainable Development (MUNESD 2018) organized by AEGEE Vienna; contributor to the Talanoa Dialogue; Climate Scholar for Plant for the Planet #Youth4NDCs Program and US Department of State Professional Fellows Program. During this experience, Vihren obtained excellent communication skills as a trainer, presenter, coordinator and manager.”

Click here to read “Ecological Manifesto: The Next Ten Years” by Vihren Mitev.

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