Board, Council & Advisors

ECI Council June 2014

The ECI Board oversees the work of the Earth Charter International Secretariat, makes board-level decisions, guides the Secretariat, especially in strategic, administrative and financial matters, and works closely with it.

The ECI Council sets broad policy and overall direction of the ECI. Its members act as advisors and ambassadors for the movement.

The Council elects its own members in consultation with members of the global network of Earth Charter supporters.

Board Members

Council Members

  • Hua Wang (People’s Republic of China)

Former Council Members

  • Zainab Bangura, Sierra Leone
  • Rick Clugston, United States
  • Marianella Curi, Bolivia
  • Camila Argolo Godinho, Brazil
  • Wakako Hironaka, Japan
  • Barbro Holmberg, Sweden
  • Hisham Khatib, Jordan
  • Li Lailai, Peoples Republic of China
  • Song Li, Peoples Republic of China/USA
  • Alexander Likhotal, Russia
  • Ruud Lubbers (Honorary Chair 2011-2012)
  • Wanjira Maathai, Kenya
  • Elizabeth May, Canada
  • Brendan Mackey, Australie (Co-Chair 2011-2012)
  • Oscar Motomura, Brazil
  • Dumisani Nyoni, Zimbabwe
  • Razeena Omar, South Africa (Co-Chair 2006-2012)
  • Henriette Rasmussen, Greenland
  • Steven C. Rockefeller, United States (Co-Chair 2006-2010)
  • Mohamed Sahnoun, Algeria
  • Richard Zimmerman, United States
  • Mary Evelyn Tucker, United States
  • Erna Witoelar, Indonesia (Co-Chair 2006-2010)



ECI Advisors are individuals who are formally recognized as sources of expert advice and support for the ECI Council and Secretariat. Individuals are invited to become advisors based on their individual commitment to the Earth Charter, their capacity to actively provide advice and support for the ECI Council and the Secretariat, and where relevant, their organizational affiliation. Advisors are appointed by the executive director of the Secretariat.


  • Rick Clugston, United States
  • Peter Blaze Corcoran, United States
  • Abelardo Brenes, Costa Rica
  • Ron Engel, United States
  • Moacir Gadotti, Brazil
  • Edgar Gonzalez-Gaudiano, Mexico
  • Parvez Hassan, Pakistan
  • Song Li, China
  • Rustem Khairov, Russia
  • Marialidia Marcotulli, United States/Venezuela
  • Brendan Mackey, Australia
  • Cristina Moreno, Brazil
  • Herman Mulder, The Netherlands
  • Maria Novo, Spain
  • Edmund O’Sullivan, Canada
  • Jan Pronk, The Netherlands
  • Jan Roberts, United States
  • Nick Robinson, United States
  • Moema Vizzer, Brazil