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You can take action by applying the Earth Charter as:

call to action and an ethical guide to your everyday life.

By committing to using the Earth Charter as a basis for a more sustainable way of life, you can inspire action, cooperation and change.

A tool for young leaders to develop and expand their capacity and knowledge as active agents in building more just, sustainable, and peaceful societies.

Share and report on the Earth Charter Movement initiatives, projects, workshops and activities that are happening around the world. Have you created a workshop based on the Earth Charter Principles? Did you attend an activity where you spoke about the Earth Charter? Did you have an Earth Charter network meeting in your country? Would you like to tell us your Earth Charter story? Fill out this form!

Earth Charter International is making a special invitation to individuals to join the Earth Charter Scholars Bridge and sponsor the tuition cost for educators to participate in the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) course and students and young leaders to attend the Leadership, Sustainability & Ethics (LSE) course.

An educational tool for developing an understanding of today’s challenges and choices that we all face as humans, and the meaning of a sustainable way of living. 

A tool for businesses to define integral corporate social and ecological responsibility plans, and to formulate related mission statements and professional codes of conduct.

guide for governments at all levels in the design of policies and strategies for building a just, sustainable and peaceful world.

soft law, ethical reference, and framework for policy-making and global governance.

A spark for interfaith dialogue.

Find useful resources about the Earth Charter to learn, share, use, shop and enjoy.