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United States of America

Kelsey Hill

Network and build capacity of local food assistance agencies to equitably and sustainably represent food choice and autonomy of marginalised populations. This is accomplished in part through telling the story of systemic injustice, and the work we can do on the social, ecological, and political fronts to address the root causes of hunger.


María José Peón Rodríguez

25 year-old pedagogue, enthusiastic about taking care of the life of all and all forms of life.
I currently work at the Marist University of Mérida, where I support the Directorate of Educational Quality.
Always looking for something new to learn.

United Kingdom

Cathy Fitzgerald

The HAUMEA ECOVERSITY offers online and bespoke training for adults using the Earth Charter. In our comprehensive online course Embracing the Earth Charter, there is the opportunity to learn with others from across the world about how to easily communicate holistic Earth-aligned values for your creative practise, teaching, business or community leadership. Delivered online by accredited Earth Charter Educator Dr Cathy Fitzgerald (Ireland), with philosopher Dr Nikos Patedakis (California). This course will help you become fluent on why integrated, inclusive values endorsed by UNESCO are fundamental for personal-collective-planetary wellbeing and provides overview and community support about the huge shift in education toward sustainability and living well with all Earth’s inhabitants.

United States of America

Valerie Ellis

Creative Educators International Network, Inc., is a partner of the Earth Charter, and active in sharing the Earth Charter principles with our members. CEIN’s mission and vision are closely aligned with those of the Earth Charter. We work to transform the learning process with holistic and experiential value-creating education. We believe quality education is the foundation for a healthy, peaceful, and sustainable world. Our educators work in a variety of settings from traditional educational institutions and nonprofits to social enterprise companies and informal community-based settings. My background is in Montessori education with students ages 2.5 through 15.


Lucy Tengeye Nasimiyu

The Education for Sustainable Development certificate course has enabled me train the WERK members on the Earth Charter, and change my world view towards sustainability. The course has enabled me to be nominated as the EiE working group Coordinator for Kenya, giving me a leverage to share the Earth Charter components with the organizations and the Ministry of Education officials on the working group.

South Africa

Janika Heyerdahl

I have a BSc (Honours) in Biological Sciences, PGCE (Secondary Education and Further Education and Training) am currently completing my Masters in Research looking at the relationship between spirituality, morality and pro-environmental behaviours. I use the Earth Charter as a framework and guideline for the development of educational resources for homeschooling communities and to assist schools in developing a whole school approach to education that facilitates sustainable environmental and social development.

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