Earth Charter International

Earth Charter International (ECI) is the organization that powers the Earth Charter global movement with information, networking, and education to turn conscience into action.

Inspired by the Earth Charter, thousands of people and organizations around the world are part of the Earth Charter global movement. These individuals and organizations act at a local and independent level but collaborating continuously.

The mission of Earth Charter International is to contribute to the transition to sustainable ways of living on the planet.

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Our goals

  1. Raise awareness of the sustainability vision that is articulated in the Earth Charter and promote understanding of its inclusive ethical vision.
  2. Promote the adoption and use of the Earth Charter as an ethical reference and guide to be turned into action.
  3. Encourage and support the educational use of the Earth Charter.
  4. Promote the use of the Earth Charter as a soft law document.

Strategic Objectives

  • Facilitate a global network of Earth Charter supporters and activists with the collaboration of advisors, affiliates, volunteers and partner organizations.
  • Create and disseminate high-quality communications and educational materials for the use of millions of people.
  • Ensure that the Earth Charter serves as an instrument and a guide in efforts to tackle urgent challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and conflict resolution.
  • Organize training programmes to put the Earth Charter in action.

ECI is formed by the ECI Secretariat, the Earth Charter Education Center, and the ECI Council.

ECI Secretariat

The ECI Secretariat functions as the coordinating hub for the worldwide movement. Based at the United Nations-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, the ECI Secretariat promotes the mission, vision, strategies, and policies adopted by the ECI Board and the ECI Council.

The Secretariat guides and make connections with individuals and organizations to bring the Earth Charter to people from different fields, such as education, youth and business. It manages communications with the larger Earth Charter movement and promotes the use of the Earth Charter as an international soft law document.

ECI consistently engages in and organizes dialogue to expand understanding and awareness of current and challenging issues and how they relate to the Earth Charter.

The ECI Secretariat has developed and continues to develop resource materials, webinars, courses and podcasts to strengthen and stimulate new and ongoing dialogues.

Our work


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ECI consistently engages in and organizes dialogue to expand understanding and awareness of current and challenging issues. In addition, there are many initiatives around the world that continue to emerge that share core elements with the EC Movement, for which a constructive dialogue can prove to be very positive.

In this regard, the ECI Secretariat:
a) Facilitates dialogue and stimulates the exchange of views on initiatives and principles of sustainability.
b) Supports key international discussions, efforts, and initiatives.
c) Engages the Earth Charter network on global governance initiatives.

The ECI Secretariat has developed and continues to develop resource materials and webinars to strengthen and stimulate new and ongoing dialogues.


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The Earth Charter Education Center offers a variety of courses and programmes that highlight the importance of incorporating sustainability values and principles into the processes of learning and decision-making. It provides an opportunity for participants to expand their understanding of sustainability and planetary citizenship, and to see how to put it into practice.

The Center helps professionals in areas of Education, Business and Urban Sustainability to integrate the knowledge, values and skills needed for a sustainable way of life and planning.

The Center’s work is implemented under the framework of the UNESCO Chair on Education for Sustainable Development with the Earth Charter.


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One of ECI´s core functions is to support the EC Movement. To do so, ECI:

– Offers multiple platforms to share information among organizations and individuals that are making use of the Earth Charter around the world.

– Helps to connect people and organizations to foster collaboration, partnerships, and goodwill towards achieving the Earth Charter mission.

– Develops resource materials and tools to be shared and advance the EC mission.

Our team

Mirian Vilela

Executive Director

Alicia Jiménez

Director of Programmes

Irma Verhoeven

Programme and Partnership Development Manager

Amanda Bennett

Youth Programme Coordinator

Ariana Meléndez

Project Assistant

Tiffany Raether

Partnership Relations, Research and Communications

Emma Evans

Sales and marketing representative